Summer 2016 in the UK: Solstice in Scotland

The Labyrinth, Castle Dunure

Summer of 2016, and somehow, all our roads have led us to Scotland.

Caroline-Zimmermann-Scotland_5636Joined by our dear friends Gaetano and Fabio, we shared in a week of travels through mythical Alba and experienced inevitable adventures together.

In all my travels I have never been this far North on the planet. It is indeed wonderful to be at this latitude on the longest day.Caroline-Zimmermann-Scotland_4003

The light here is soft and ever changing, delighting my painter’s eye. The palette leans towards greys and greens, and the shades and tones are infinite.
Clouds and water create shifting light that spans the spectrum of grays. Certainly I could list more than 50 shades…
In the Scottish Highlands magic and mystery reveals itself around every corner of the bend.
Loch Ness is truly deserving of its mythical place in Scottish lore. Cutting a large diagonal through northern Scotland on the Great Glen Fault, it is the second largest and deepest Scottish loch.
I had no idea how truly dark and deep a body of water could be, but the presence of peat in the water stains it a deep stout beer color and makes for a perfect place for Nessie to hide.
Castle Urquhart presides over Loch Ness echoing a past of conflict and strife which now, except for the summer hoards of tourists, seems so peaceful.
can you spot her ? c;
No visit to Loch Ness is complete without a Nessie sighting photo.
Boleskine’s cemetery being witness to some interesting personalities who have been drawn to this “quiet” and less travelled side of Loch Ness for a variety of reasons.
Reflections of a Ruin, Boleskine
Our day spent at Loch Ness presented us with a fabulous place to celebrate the beginning of summer with a
wee Scottish picnic…
Caroline-Zimmermann-Scotland_3982In the pleasant company of Nature’s most wild and wonderful creatures and geological formations….
The Loch offered us some amazing beach combing treasures…
Caroline-Zimmermann-Scotland_0032Murphy is in good form, loving the great outdoors and looking dapper in his Barbour jacket…
Truly, the shores of Loch Ness resonate with myth and mystery….
found in Boleskine… golf anyone?

…leaving me very much inspired yet pondering so many unanswered questions…

Our longest day ended later that eve further North on the coast in Tain. After a day like this day, I was left feeling a deep connectivity to the Earth and the seasons. I could imagine how people of ancient times believed in the magic of Nature and lived with a daily sense of wonder, reverence and awe. Slowly and if by magic a solstice sun descended onto the horizon, offering a gorgeous extended sunset that was literally breath-taking. Gratitude for the Sun, this day and the very fine company… c: