The Gift of Art

Just a sampling of Caroline’s paintings available at Lahaina Galleries “Gift of Art” Holiday Soirée, Saturday, December 8, 2018 4-7PM at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.

These wonderful small and medium sized original oil paintings make great holiday gifts!

Hawaii seascape painting
“Makena Dream”  6″ x 12″ Oil on Panel
“Poppies at Sunset”  8″ x 16″ Oil on Panel
“Tuscan Autumn Dream” 6″ x 12″ Oil on Panel
“Scarlet Poppies I” 16″ x 8″ Oil on Panel
“Scarlet Poppies II” 16″ x 8″ Oil on Panel
“Doorway in Tuscany” 21 1/2″ x 16″ Oil on Panel
Hollister Ranch painting
“San Augustine’s” Hollister Ranch 4″ x 12″ Oil on Panel
Rose painting
“Peace Rose” 12″ x 12″ Oil on Panel
Laguna Beach seascape painting
“Path to Wood’s Cove” Laguna Beach 16″ x 8″ Oil on Panel
Rose painting
“Hope Rose” 12″ x 12″ Oil on Panel
Hawaii seascape painting
“Hanalai Sunset” 4″ x 12″ Oil on Panel

“The Gift of Art”

Lahaina Galleries’ Annual Holiday Soirée

Unique, creative and highly personal gifts. Five artists. Exclusive show incentives. Festive gift wrapping.

Saturday, December 8, 2019  4 – 7:00PM

Lahaina Gallery

Fashion Island – Newport Beach, California

RSVP: 949-721-9117 or

(Don’t worry if you miss the Holiday Soirée – come in to the gallery anytime before Christmas to see the exhibition)


New Additions to Caroline’s Virtual Gallery

These original paintings are now available for purchase online, directly from the Virtual Gallery at

Single large red poppy painting
“Poppy Adoration” 60cm x 69.5cm Oil on Canvas
“The Conversation”
40”x40” Oil on Canvas
“Little Drake”
20”x16” Oil on Canvas
“Sunflowers in a Summer Breeze”  24”x40”  oil on canvas
“Poppies and Grain” 30″x40″ oil on linen
lilacs still life painting
“Lilacs and Wisteria” 30″x24″ oil on canvas
Rose still life painting
“Roses from a Tuscan Garden” 16″x32″ oil on canvas

View all available paintings at Caroline’s Virtual Gallery.

*All paintings are custom framed with Italian molding.

Reflections of Venice 2016


I first saw Venice at night. It was a chilly November eve and the city was shrouded in a silent, insulating fog. Sounds of water lapping on the canal walls echoed a melancholy that accompanies a late autumn mood in Italy. The summer sun had gone and with it the hoards of tourists; it seemed as if the life of the city was turning inward. Saint Mark’s square was empty save for the last pigeons working overtime, and in the distance someone was playing violin. Continue reading “Reflections of Venice 2016”

Waves of Inspiration: Sunflowers

“Sunflower Wave” 40″x40″ oil painting

Sunflowers speak to me of happy and content memories in my family’s garden in Anaheim.

As a child, I would lose myself for hours helping my mother and father with their various tasks of tending their large backyard garden.The mild weather in Southern California made for a botanical paradise for my parents. Both are originally from Europe and they would marvel at the growing conditions as all seasons of the year brought forth their bounty. Continue reading “Waves of Inspiration: Sunflowers”

Molino Decade

Waltraud Zimmermann 1936 – 2012

Ten years at our Tuscan Molino (mill house).

It was ten years ago that we took The Leap and became owners of Molino Le Gualchiere.

Living in a 500-year-old stone house has been a profound experience. Lying in bed, under an ancient roof, I often think of what was transpiring on the planet at the time the first stones were laid to make the foundations for this house. All the events of human history that have passed over the years. The souls that have lived here, have come and have gone…. fortunately, left nothing but good vibrations all through the house.

Caroline and Waltraud Zimmermann 2005

I am overflowing with gratitude for the experience of owning a home in Tuscany. What I really have come to discover is, that we don’t really own this house…. we have bought the privilege of taking care of this house for at best 30 years. I have given my heart over to this house of stone, and as I like to say about my Muse, Bird the crow, I don’t really have a house in Tuscany… a house in Tuscany has me.

I suppose one could write a book about our adventures in Tuscany, as each day presents new challenges, joys and frustrations. It would be too easy, and certainly has been done before. Our family and friends have heard or witnessed them all, so perhaps its best to let my paintings and photographs tell the story. A little Salute to Molino and of course, our Cari Amici, those friends of kindness who have been there and helped us over the years. Grazie Mille.

Prego, have a look through the slideshow…

“Cantina Door”




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