Dog Portraits by Caroline Zimmermann

Caroline loves painting dogs and is often commissioned to paint a loved one. She excels at capturing a dog’s unique and individual character, with soulful eyes a hallmark of her portraits. If you’d like to have your dog’s portrait painted and you have a good photo, please go to Caroline’s Commissions page and we’ll work out the pricing with you.

Gus dog portrait
“Gus” commissioned by Carolyn
dog portrait painting
“Winston and Ozzy” commissioned by Yvette
“Babouche” commissioned by the Duke of Milan.
Renzo dog Portait
All Good Dogs
dog painting
“Amber” commissioned by Matt
Jack Russell portrait
“Ratso the Jack Russell”
Whippet dog painting
“Miv’s Whippet”
Jack Russell portrait
“Ratso” for Gianni

Of course, Caroline paints horses too…

“Azurite” commissioned by Salvatore Ferragamo

To view more commissions by Caroline, or to commission your own painting, please visit Caroline’s Commissions page at