“North Shore Hibiscus” Floral Painting

“Tea with Lemon” Still Life Painting

“Out of the Blue” Bird Painting

“Into the Black” Bird Painting

“Lemon Reflections 1 & 2”  Tuscany 30”x 40”

“Big Al and Big Big Red”  VERY Large Rooster Paintings

58” x 58” framed

“Avocado Quartet” 4″ x 12″ Oil on Panel

“Summer Sunflower”

12” X 12” Oil on Panel

“Mediterranean Blues: Cleopatra’s Baths”

47” x 36”  Oil on Canvas

”Classic Citrus”

Oil on Panel 6”x6”

“Lemon-cello” Citrus painting 

Oil on Panel  6” X 6”